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The sale, possession and employ of e cigarette vapor store containing nicotine happens to be illegal in each and every jurisdiction australia wide. As nicotine is classified as Schedule 7 Dangerous poison, it is completely prohibited in every single state throughout the country. However, if you want to make use of nicotine e-liquids for therapeutic purposes like to quit smoking or easing nicotine withdrawal, you ought to purchase e-cigs and e-liquids registered by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any vaping products registered by TGA yet, mainly on account of tough rules, vastly expensive and nearly impossible procedures to adhere to. These strict regulations have already been imposed to fail the applicants before they launch their application.

You possibly will not find TGA approved eliquids or ecigs australia wide, but you can actually find Australian made eliquids ejuices containing nicotine from reputable suppliers positioned in countries such Nz.

Importing nicotine e cigarette free starter kit and e-liquids for personal therapeutic use is legal within australia under personal importation scheme. However, the importers should certainly adhere to the conditions and requirements of TGA to lawfully import nicotine e-liquids from offshore companies.

Requirements under personal importation scheme:

As nicotine is listed under Poison Standard, the importer should possess a prescription from the registered medical practitioner.

The products may be imported for that therapeutic using the importers or their immediate family.

The level of nicotine e-liquids imported ought not to be a lot more than 3-month supply.

The merchandise must not contain any substance prohibited under Customs Act. (Nicotine is just not prohibited under this act)

Nicotine e-liquids imported in the one year period must not exceed 15-month supply.

Where Australians can find nicotine e-liquid?

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